Tweet manager | Notion template to manage tweets easily

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Plan your tweets and threads without leaving Notion.

Create, manage and plan all your tweets, threads easily right inside your own Notion page and keep all the content with you to reuse it on any platform at any time.

This is the most efficient way to plan and manage tweets that helps you to repurpose content effectively, without losing your content.

What's inside?

Tweet manager:

✅ Tweet manager template

✅ Quick start guide

✅ Notes, Card and Calendar views

✅ Prefilled data with various options

✅ Best tweet timing data

Tweet manager + dashboard:

✅ All in Tweet manager

✅ Quick highlights of recent tweets

✅ Idea management

✅ Helpful tool links

✅ Your social links


🎁 Chrome extension to preview tweets and threads


  1. Does this work with Notion free license?
    Yes, it works with Notion free version. You don't need to have a paid plan.
  2. Is the template filled with data?
    There is a sample data put up in the template, you can clear/replace that to start using it.
  3. Can tweets be sent directly from this template?
    No, tweets can't be sent directly from this template.
  4. Do you offer custom Notion solution to publish tweets directly from this template?
    Yes, I can create a custom solution to publish tweets automatically from this template. Contact here: or

Got more questions/feedback? Send your inquiries to: or

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Tweet manager | Notion template to manage tweets easily

8 ratings
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